Our dream, a mobile factory…

Converting unsorted plastic waste into a product, that is the challenge!

Plastic is very recyclable as long as it is sorted by type (mono-flow). Because every type of plastic has its own characteristics and melting point, it is a real “engineering” challenge to process and convert unsorted plastic into new products. Fortunately, we have a lot of in-house knowledge and we work together with knowledge partners (companies and education institutes) which enables us to create something from it, regardless of the quantity, the origin and location. So, we always have a solution for the residual waste that is now incinerated.

We offer 4 solutions

1. The mobile factory

A large trailer with a shredder, extruder and press. This mobile factory can process plastic waste on location. We organise demo days on a weekly basis. Simple products such as coins, small boards, etc. are formed with this machine. Furthermore, we can develop casts on request. The mobile factory creates awareness and can be used to support lectures about recycling plastics.

2. Remote low wage

The aim of this small machine is to enhance micro businesses by supplying simple equipment in order to locally process plastic waste, anywhere in the world.

Plastic waste that ends up in rivers is mainly a problem in low-wage countries. Using simple shredder and extrusion equipment, you can easily craft new products, earning more income. Part of this income can be used to buy plastic waste, resulting in an economic micro cycle. Our ambition is to create as many economic micro cycles as possible. Currently we have a low cost, compact and lightweight extruder design. This extruder weights 6.6 kg and is (partly) suitable for 110 V. Our next step is to develop a shredder and other means of processing plastic waste, such as a solar oven or waffle mould.

3. Central factory

For larger volumes we are able to process up to 2 million kg per year. This is where we store the casts for our current stock.

4. Consultancy

Because every situation requires a specific solution and we have all the knowledge of plastic and engineering, we also act as advisors for jobs related to processing plastic waste.