Plastic waste, let’s create something with it!

Part of collected plastic litter is still incinerated after sorting. We believe that’s a waste, because there are still so many things you can create with it. We have over 30 years of experience with upcycling plastic waste; last year we turned 1 million kg waste into various products for road and water construction. We would like to expand this to other product categories, like our lounge chair and many more upcoming cool products!

Some see it as garbage, we see new possibilities to upcycling…
Because plastic waste is difficult to process, we have our in-house experts
There are so many cool things you can make from plastic waste, any ideas?

Just sit down and relax…

And, what do you think of our chair? Especially for the summer holidays we designed a relaxing lounge chair from 100 % plastic waste! Who wouldn’t want this at home or their beach house? Send us an e-mail if you’re interested, the early birds receive € 50 discount (normal price € 349). We even assemble it for you and deliver it free of charge.

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