We are conquering the World! We have highlighted 10 projects

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1: Bonaire

Commissioned by plastic soupfoundation and WNF powered we have organized a recycling demonstration for the locals with a Waste Race. Beach debris is one of the biggest issues facing Bonaire at the moment and PF is organizing a week long awareness program.


2: Maluku Islands

In cooperation with Maluku Home and Espol Plastics Rik of PF has initiated a project where local plastic waste will be developed into goods that will be sold to tourists. PF provided an extruder, a mold, and training.


3: Kenia

In cooperation with National Geographic and Waste Foundation we have developed multiple (several) products with PF extruders made out of plastic waste (trash/ garbage). This way we are encouraging local businesses!









4: Mali

As part of a larger circular awareness project of Waste Foundation we have provided training about the ins and outs of plastic recycling. We have given demonstrations on the use of the PF extruder. Products are being developed that can be made with the PF extruder.


5: Romania

Remi went on a business trip with the Dutch consulate to encourage and inspire Romanian companies to learn from each other. He of course demonstrated the PF extruder!









6: Ocean Sole

6. Ocean Sole: An amazing company where Nic & Mic convert washed ashore plastic flip-flops (slippers) into Art (their website; www.nicmic.nl). Nic has asked PF too help to develop a shredder in order process the cutting waste into pillows.


7: Saling Taxi

Luuk, Olivier, Tom, and Guus (do-gooders) are sailing with their trans-Atlantic (race) sailboat around the world to organize expeditions without any CO2 admission. PF is sponsoring the team by providing a complete recycling line onboard; with this, they will be able to collect plastic on the way. First stop; Norway to ski on the glaziers with recycled skies (made of plastic soup). They will return in 2021.







8: Peru

In cooperation with Waste (Sophie vd Berg) PF will -for example- be able to recycle / convert plastics bags of the local banana industry into packaging profiles.


9: Kartika studeert af bij PF (universiteit Wageningen)

Katrika will graduate at the University of Wageningen with the help of PF / Katrika is an intern at PF and a student at the University of Wageningen. Katrika originates from Indonesia and her major is Microcredit’s, the extruder of PF will be used to create products out of plastic waste that will be sold to tourists. A terrific outcome!












10: Demonstration in Germany

An important Demonstration in Germany. A demonstration was given at the biggest plastic recycling factory in Europe with our mobile recycling plant that we developed ourselves. The German giant in recycled plastic processes over 45 million kilograms annually, still our demonstration provided inspiration! The workers finally understood the fundamentals of what recycling really is. As they say, seeing is believing!

We are conquering the Netherlands! We have highlighted 12 projects

1: Deal with waterschap Rijn & IJssel

We have made a deal the with Waterboard of Rijn & IJssel: chairman Hein Pieper was very clear “there is no waste, only  raw material” and we have made it our ambition to create products out of  local plastic trash.  See also: Regio 8.


2: Local Zoo Diergaarde Blijdorp

PF has made a deal with the zoo to create part of the interior, the decks, and the fence posts of the lion enclosure out of 5000 kilograms of plastic foil. PF acts as a liaison for all parties involved.  The deal was brought about thanks to the efforts of the young people of Trashured.


3: Nijmegen

During the kick -off of Green Capital 2018 PF demonstrated the PF extruder at museum the Valkhof. Waste processing company DAR hired PF to create a mold that can be used throughout the year by the local schools of Nijmegen.


























4: Arnhem

1. The municipality of Arnhem (the city of Arnhem) collects and delivers litter at the main office of PF. PF converts this waste into bridge and bench boards that the city buys back from PF to use in public places. The cooperation between the city council and us is rapidly expanding. We have completed 4 projects together/we have worked on 4 projects together.


5: Natuurmonumenten
(the society for the conservation of nature reserves)

PF is in the final stages of closing one of our biggest deals yet  with Natuurmonumenten, RHS Rondhout (a company specializing in forestry management and timber trade), and  Save plastics to create  supporting stakes for trees out of garbage / litter/ waste left behind in the nature reserves that are under protection of Natuurmonumenten.








6: Lorentzhuis

The municipality of Rheden (the city of  Rheden), Innoforte (a company that provides services for the elderly), and SF are working together  to covert retirement home Loretzhuis into a sustainable nursing home.  A new park is being built that surrounds the complex. The waste of the nursing home will be converted into lamppost, benches, and any other accessories that a park for a retirement home needs.


7: PF and the government:

PF is the durable crown jewel of the ministry of Infrastructure and water management. We are a part of the think-tank surrounding / PF is in collaboration with government to shape the final workings of the raw material accord, in this sense we are connected with the government. The government, for their part, is helping us to act quickly on other dashboards.


8: City of Almere

8. The municipality of Almere (the city of Almere).  Royalhaskoning DHV (an international engineering consultancy) and the city of Almere has commissioned PF too help them brainstorm about a comprehensive recycling factory located within the city limits. The goal is to use local garbage for the waterways. For example, waste can be converted into bridges, manmade water barriers, dikes, and lantern posts.


9: Great Bubble Barrier

A screen made out of bubbles in a River to collect plastic soup, a great idea! But what next? PF wants to convert the plastic into useful products. During Easter, both companies will present themselves at Sail Kampen.


10: GOclean Duiven

The ladies of Go clean have started a popup store with a litter experience. Inspired  by Merijn Tinga (plastic soup surfer) and the goal of collecting the deposit on plastic bottles PF was allowed to use the recycling line for a few weeks. Go girls!


11: IPKW design bank

The most durable industrial area (park) of the Netherlands has formed a collaboration with PF to collect the garbage of the 70 businesses located there. The garbage will be converted into furniture for the park. We are working with designer Wouter (a resident) and director Kevin de Rijke. Create your own furniture by recycling your own garbage/waste that is the goal!










12: Guest lecture at the community college Hengelo

Sharing knowledge is very important to us.  For the first (freshman) and third (juniors) years of the infrastructure major at the community college, we gave a guest lecture on the different ways to process/recycle plastic waste, the opportunities, and the difficulties PF is facing. It is good to see that future generations are committed to create a sustainable world and that they can appreciate our project Plastic Fantastic.