Bram Peters (director of Gampet) took the initiative, together with Robert Huls (planning engineer) to conduct a dream session (which is a coaching technique). Without exception, the participants were extremely enthusiastic and leaders in their professional field: Bram de Borst (former director of Tauw), Jaap Wigleven (former director at Akzo Nobel), Sjoerd van Haaster (project manager at Atag and owner of Zoef Robots), Martin Stor (director of the Achterhoek Center for Technology and film maker), Erik Roelevink (founder of the Airhunters transportation company) and Rik Voerman (owner of Triple Benefit and working at the research group Lightweight Structures at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences). We called ourselves Plastic Fantastic and, together with a group of students from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, we took our first important step. We built a prototype of a plastic waste processing machine, named ‘the Extrudinator’.

Bram Peters
Erik Roelevink
Rik Voerman
Robert Huls
Bram de Borst
Sjoerd van Haaster
Martin Stor
Remi Hoefman