The Dream Machine is a mobile, transportable factory, off the grid. It will produce on site (schredds, heats and moulds) with a fun factor. Basically it tells the plastic recycling story. It can be used for:

  1. Construction, landscaping, destruction projects on sites (plastic waste reuse)
  2. Events and Expo’s
  3. Park- and beach cleanups
  4. Presentation, workshop and School projects
  5. Waste treatment
  6. You can use the machines to boost your own Project; worldwide

The Dream Machine can be hired or we can make a deal (we get your waste, you buy our professional Products). Such a deal has been made at the Citypark of Amersfoort. We also have a small machine (the Extrudinator) which can be used for awareness and school projects. The Extrudinator can also be hired. The revenues are used to further develop the equipment.

Please contact Bram (Gampet) for details on or +31 (0)6 53152926.