A Dutch group of Entrepeneurs, armed with just their dreams, is building a Dream Machine that can turn plastic waste into local useful plastic products, independant of the grid. Many people discuss and collect plastic waste (beach-cleanups and trashhunts). Of course it is important to collect, but what happens after that? Often it is incinerated or, less bad, downcycled into useless products. The Dream Machine really makes a difference. It shreds, extrudes and presses useful products from plastic waste, with a funfactor, on site! In September 2016 we will already have the mobile factory which will be able to convert plastic waste everywhere in the world into widely applicable semi-finished products, such as granulates, and full-fledged, inspiring end products. Expectedly, many other projects will follow soon, like yours!

Curious? See in two minutes, why, how and what we are doing (Dutch).